Harris County's Advocate

Introducing a passionate advocate for inclusive growth and community empowerment, committed to leading positive change in Harris County.

Claude Cummings, III

Meet Claude Cummings III, our candidate for Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector, a passionate advocate for inclusive growth in the region. Claude Cummings, III is a family man from North Houston; Claude’s passion lies in community empowerment and inclusive growth.

His experience as a community leader and advocate shapes his vision for an accessible, efficient Tax Assessor-Collector’s office that promotes voter registration and equitable public service.


Transparency and Equality for Harris

Claude’s mission is to ensure a transparent, accessible Harris County where every resident has equal opportunities. His unique blend of leadership and commitment to the community makes him an exemplary candidate for the position.

Paid for by the Claude Cummings III Campaign. Gilbert Garcia – Treasurer

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